Friday, 27 April 2012

My Questionnaire Results

My Questionnaire Results
From Graph 1 I found that my main target market is 16-20 year olds. This information will help me to rate my opening which is now a 15+ also it will help me to market my film as I can know set my marketing techniques to suit this particular age group. These marketing techniques include advertising on posters and placing them in areas such as shopping centers and train stations. This is because these places are the most popular for this age group and so it will be seen a large majority of people.

Graph 2
From Graph 2 I have found that my main target market is mostly female rather than male. Again, this will help me to market my film as I can know advertise it in female magazines. Furthermore, this means that I can change the plot and synopsis of the opening to suit mainly female viewers, however there is only a small amount of difference between the two genders so I will not make a large change as I also have male viewers too.
Graph 3
From the 3rd Graph I found that the most popular thriller sub-genres are psychological, supernatural and mystery. From this information I now know the most popular thriller sub-genres that audiences like. Fortunately my film opening has a psychological and mystery theme so audiences will enjoy it
Graph 4
From the 4th Graph I have discovered that many people prefer the production to be set in a haunted hospital, house or mental asylum. However a forest or the woods are much less popular. Luckily for me my opening is set in a hospital so audiences will like the production as it is set in a location they prefer.
Graph 5
From Graph 5 I found that a very large majority of people found that 3 minutes is a suitable length for an opening. From this information I can now set my opening at the most preferred and popular time which is 3 minutes. By doing this audiences will enjoy the opening more. It is important for the opening not to be too short or too long. If it is too short then the audience might not understand what is happening, whereas if the opening is too long audiences may get bored. Fortunately for me my film opening is at least 3 minutes which shows that I have taken my audience into consideration.  

Graph 6     
       In Graph 6 I have discovered that the preferred villains are Escaped Conflicts, Demons and Psychiatric Patients. Fortunately for me my main protagonist is in fact a psychiatric patient. This means that viewers will be pleased with the production as one of the most popular villains feature in it and it will show that I have taken my audiences thoughts and opinions into consideration.

                                                                         Graph 7
      In Graph 7 I found that a large majority of people find that music is an important aspect in an opening. This will help me as now I know that audiences will prefer music in the opening and so I too will add thriller music so audiences are pleased. Furthermore it will create both tension and suspense in my opening which will thrill the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.

                                                                                Graph 8      
      From Graph 8 I found that many people find dialogue very important in an opening. This could be so they can understand the plot and what is going on. This is why I have added slight dialogue to my opening so audiences can understand what is going on and to also portray the characters thoughts and feelings.

Graph 9
       From Graph 9 I discovered that there is an equal amount of people who prefer the opening to be set at night time and day time. Since my opening is set at day time and as the day progresses the location gets darker. This makes the opening more eerie and mysterious and will also keep the audience more on edge.

Graph 10   
       From the final Graph 10 I found that viewers tend to prefer the title of the film come after the opening. From this information I discovered I will now place my movie title directly after the opening, this is so viewers prefer this and also so the title will stay in their minds as the film progresses. Therefore from all of these questions and graph I have mostly taken into consideration my audiences opinions and tastes so they will enjoy the opening and also shows that I have made my opening from my audience perspective.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Synopsis Planning

Synopsis Planning

Lives in a mental hospital
mentally disturbed
loves to paint and draw
has a very creative side

Victim of Emma
nurses uniform
normal/stereotypical female nurse

Nurses Friend:
Seen only briefly

Props Needed
Fake Knife
Fake Blood
Nurses Hat
Lab Coat


Psychological Thriller
Crime and Mystery
Murder, torture and death
Need of freedom

Setting and Location

St Johns Mental Hospital
St Marys Hospital

Nurses Death Ideas

Dragged down a corridor, into a room and stabbed
Locked inside a room and stabbed

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Filming schedule

Filming Schedule 

5/3/12: Start filming scene 1 (nurse and friend), scene 2 (blood red hand) and scene 3 (the open door)

6/3/12: film scenes 4 (emma) and 5 (door slam) and scene 6 which is dragging down the corridor

8/3/12: film scene dragging part 2 and finally emmas painting.

Monday, 23 April 2012

My Questionnaire

My Questionnaire 

1) Age?

2) Gender?
3) What type of thriller do you most prefer?

4) What is your preferred location for a thriller opening? 

5) How long do you think an opening should be?

6) Who/what is your preferred villain?

7) Do you find music important in an opening?

8) Do you find dialogue important to an opening?

9) Should the opening be set at day time or night time?

10) Do you prefer to see the film title before or after the opening?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nine frame structure analysis of thriller film opening

Nine frame structure analysis of thriller film opening


in the first frame a rather old and ruffled book is shown and the production company 'New Line Cinema'. the font and typography used is distorted and white, the white could be to portray innocence, perhaps the innocence of the victims in the plot. the distorted font could be there to suggest a rather eccentric and probably slightly mentally disturbed character. 

in the next frame a pair of old hands are seen and who the film is by (David Fincher). the hands are positioned in a unusual gesture which could be to suggest to the audience that something strange and unusual is happening. it could also be used to portray the character as highly disturbed and rather mad. 

in the third frame the audience see fingers holding an unknown object, this could be to represent hidden secrets. the fingers seem old and dirty showing that the character is a hard worker and is quite unhygienic. furthermore there is not text in this frame which means that they want you to focus on the characters hands and the object of which he is holding rather then be distracted by reading. 

the next frame shows an old box and the title of the film 'Se7en'. again the lighting and colours used are dark and dull giving the opening a sense of mystery. furthermore in this frame there is not much to notice or take in, this could be so the audience can simply focus mainly on the title of the film and so it will stand out more. 

in the fifth frame same hands we saw previously are now writing. however the vision in slightly blurred and an actors name is revealed. the blurred hand could be there to portray the character the audience are seeing as unclear and unrecognizable. this is because the film is mainly about crime and so because the protagonist in unsure of the villain so is the audience. 

the next frame shows the casting and also a picture of a man whose eyes are scribbled out with a black marker. this could be to create enigmas in the audiences minds and also gives our audience a hint that maybe our character is some sort of murderer or criminal. the darkness surrounding the image makes the picture stand out and also gives a sense of mystery. 

in the next frame the hands return and are shown writing alongside the producers name. we notice that some of the fingertips are covered in plasters, this could be to suggest that he has been handling rather dangerous and possibly sharp objects. furthermore throughout the opening we see that the hands keep changing tasks, this could be to show that the character is very busy and also shows that he is up to something which no one else knows about. 

the eight frame shows the hands once again but this time they are sowing what looks like a piece of paper, notice how we only seen the hands of the character and no other part of the body. this could be to represent the mystery and to hide his identity to both the audience and also the protagonist. 

the ninth and final frame is probably most important, here the audience can see an American dollar bill, showing that the films location is in America. but also we see the character cutting out the word GOD from the dollar bill. this can be to foreshadow the plot of the film and also the characters religious views. furthermore the word GOD is filmed upside down, this can be to portray that maybe the protagonists whole world has turned upside down and that the catholic religion has been completely turned around. 

Photographs of locations

Photographs of locations

in this location i filmed Emma sitting in the end of the staircase and also the nurse walking down them 

in this location i filmed the nurse walking down the corridor.

it is in this location which i filmed the nurse running down the corridor and also being dragged down it. the door is also where the blood red hand appears.